Trends in holiday rentals, in Mallorca in the Covid-19 era

Discover the latest trends in the property sector in the era of Covid19. What are the most demanded characteristics of a rental property today?


Home office: the peculiarities of working from home, or from your holiday rental in Mallorca

In this blog we explain why Mallorca is such an interesting destination for teleworking, and setting up your home office in one of our rental properties a great option.


What extra services Pollentia Rentals offers me with my holiday rental in Mallorca?

Let us explain in detail what additional benefits and services you can enjoy with your holiday rental in Mallorca


Driving around Mallorca, or how to spend a golden holiday in and out your rented villa!

The island of Mallorca, a true paradise on earth, reserves countless surprises for you to enjoy during your holidays in your rented villa.


First: traditional Balearic cold recipes, for a perfect summer in your holiday villa in Mallorca

Discover the most delicious dishes of the Mallorcan summer, and enjoy preparing healthy and simple recipes of the Balearic seasonal cuisine.


Is it a good time to rent a holiday villa in Mallorca?

Discover in this article the reasons why this summer and autumn are the perfect time for renting a property in Mallorca.


Why does Pollentia Rentals recommend taking the initiative in your healthcare practices?

Discover the best practices for renting your properties with all the health guarantees.


Why choose Pollentia Rentals as your management company for your rental property in Mallorca?

Discover the benefits which come from renting your property through Pollentia Rentals, the holiday rental experts. Keep reading for all the information!

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