How will the 'ecotax' updates affect your holiday villa in Mallorca?

2018 is the third year since the Sustainable Tourism Tax (ITB), generally known as the ecotax, was first implemented. Despite being very controversial in the hotel sector, this tax must also be applied to holiday villlas in Mallorca. The main news on this issue for this season is the doubling of the amount which affects all levels.

In our case, for the rental villas Pollentia Rentals offers in the area of Pollensa, the amount to be charged is 2 Euros per person per day. An amount which is less than the one many hotels and apartments are obliged to charge, which is around 3 or 4 Euros per person per day.


Discounts on the Sustainable Tourism Tax

Pollentia Rentals reminds you that there are a series of discounts which depend on various factors. For example, stays which take place during the low season benefit from a 75% discount on the regular amount to be paid. This makes the amount payable equal to amounts corresponding to previous years, as if there were indeed no increase. In the case of holiday villas in Mallorca this would mean a fee of 0.50 Euros per person per day. This discount will be applied from November to April, thereby including Easter.  According to the authorities, the aim of this discount is to do away with the seasonal nature of tourism and attract visitors during the low season with attractive prices.

 How will the 'ecotax' updates affect your holiday villa in Mallorca?

Another discount to bear in mind, but which is applied the same as in previous seasons, is the 50% reduction in tax for stays which are longer than eight days. In other words, from the ninth day, the tax on holiday villas in Mallorca is charged at 1 Euro per person per day. This discount is added to the previous one. So, long stays over the low season receive a double discount. From the ninth day, the 1 Euro tax per person per day which is charged from November to April is reduced to 0,25 Euros.

Another change to the ITB for this year is that it will now also affect cruise ship tourists.  Before these were exempt from paying the tax if they were on the island for 12 hours or less, but now they will also be charged.

The calculation of the tax on tourist stays can be carried out via direct estimate, which implies paying the tax various times a year, or via objective estimate which allows you to pay once a year. The Balearic Islands' Inland Revenue department has updated its dossier on the formulas used to calculate the objective estimate for 2018.


We advise you on all aspects of the Ecotax for your holiday villa in Mallorca, and much more

If you are looking for a holiday rental management company in Mallorca, then look no further than Pollentia Rentals. We offer maximum flexibility as you choose whether you work exclusively with us or in collaboration with other agencies. If you would like to rent your holiday villa in Mallorca with us, we offer various different services such as welcoming your guests, cleaning, washing and maintenance. We work with the latest trends in online marketing to provide maximum visibility for your property, with our multilingual team and ensuring nothing is left to chance.

How will the 'ecotax' updates affect your holiday villa in Mallorca?


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