Hydration and cycling during your holiday in Mallorca with Pollentia Rentals

Physical exercise is one of the basic pillars which makes up a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Recommended highly by medical professionals and specialists, it can be practiced in many different ways. Cycling, of course requires a lot of effort and can take a person to their physical limit. That is why, at Pollentia Rentals, the holiday rental agency and passionate cyclists, we want to encourage you to carry on with your healthy lifestyle through sport and cycling during your holiday in Mallorca, however we also want to explain why you need to be well hydrated throughout the whole process. Continue reading this article and learn how fundamental something as simple as drinking water can be whilst cycling during your holiday in Mallorca.


Cycling and water, the perfect duo during your holiday in Mallorca

Going cycling has undeniable benefits on your health. All physical exercise complements well a healthy lifestyle. However exercise isn’t everything: a balanced diet and hydration are fundamental for efficiently living a healthy lifestyle. Nourishment is important before and after exercise, but hydration is the key. Every spin of the wheel as you set off from your holiday villa in Pollensa in the Serra de Tramuntana means an increase in your body’s temperature, and naturally, you begin to sweat which means that your body begins to lose from what constitutes 60 percent of it: water.

Much like with any diet or dietary recommendation, the variety and quality of what you ingest, in this case water, is essential. It’s well known that the quantity of water to drink in one day and under regular conditions is approximately 2 litres. When the weather changes and it’s extremely hot, such as during summer in Mallorca, or when you’re carrying out intense physical exercise these quantities must increase. The loss of sweat means that before, during and after exercise you need to recover the water which has been lost in your body. Surprisingly, during one hour of exercise a cyclist can easily lose anything between one and two litres of water in their body.


Unwanted secondary effects

Obviously not everyone is the same. The age and the gender of a person determines their needs; and the intensity in which the exercise is performed, as a consequence and referring to what has been previously mentioned, also affects the level of hydration which should be ingested. Not hydrating yourself during exercise can cause anyone unwanted consequences. Our core temperature is balanced by our consumption of liquid. If this doesn’t occur, exercise can have extreme secondary effects such as heat stroke, an undesirable outcome which can occur whilst you’re mid route maybe on the way to Formentor or near to your holiday villa in Mallorca.


Rent your bicycle and holiday villa in Pollensa and get going

Now that you have all of the information, it’s time to get going. Rent a holiday villa in Pollensa with Pollentia Rentals, the holiday rental agency in Mallorca, and enjoy an area which is so beautiful and well suited to cycling on the island. Hydrate yourself before, during and after exercise. It will avoid undesired consequences and help you to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Time to get pedalling!



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