Live the summer festivities in Pollensa with your holiday villa

At Pollentia Rentals we know exactly how important the culture and traditions of the island are to its inhabitants which is why we want to present some of the most important summer fiestas in Pollensa and how by renting accommodation from your holiday villa specialists in Pollensa you will be able to discover the true essence of these celebrations.


Corpus Christi – a historic festivity right on the doorstep of your holiday villa in Pollensa

This famous celebration is one of the oldest on the island and was first held in 1361. It takes place sixty days after Easter and this year it will be on the 20th of June. After mass,  a beautiful procession begins. The main event takes place in the Plaça Major and the narrow streets of Pollensa and the whole town are enveloped in a historic atmosphere. The procession is led by a person representing John the Baptist, who is wearing a red cape, a mask and carrying a young lamb. He is followed by two young women named as his ‘eagles’ dressed in traditional white dresses and adorned in gold and jewels, dancing the traditional “Ball de les Àguiles”. With a holiday villa in Pollensa, you will be able to experience this festivity from the front row – maybe even scatter some rose petals out on to the streets, just like the local people do, when the procession passes under your balcony.


Live the maritime festivity of Sant Pere with a holiday villa in Puerto Pollensa

Sant Pere is the celebration of the patron saint of fishermen, and for a few days around the 29th of June the town of Port de Pollensa pays tribute to them. The central squares and frequently visited areas are filled with traditional dancing, live music concerts, tributes to historic fishermen and a maritime fair featuring local produce and other items. After a long day of these traditional  celebrations, renting a villa in Puerto Pollensa will be the perfect way to recharge your batteries and leave you ready for the next few days.


Watch the procession of La Verge del Carme from your holiday villa in Puerto Pollensa

This next fiesta also takes place in Puerto Pollensa. However, it also takes place in many of the ports in Mallorca. The 16th of July is celebrated by fishermen and sailors, it is a traditional festive day when the local priest blesses the fishing boats with images of the Virgin Carmen and the locals decorate the fishing boats with flowers and lanterns. It is a truly beautiful setting. Following this, flower garlands are thrown out to sea to commemorate those who have lost their lives at sea and to thank the virgin for keeping other fishermen safe today. With a holiday villa in Puerto Pollensa you will be able to enjoy this beautiful memorial  event.


La Patrona – just a stone’s throw away from your holiday villa in Pollensa

La Patrona is one of the most eagerly awaited events on the local calendar. It is a recreation of a battle which took place in the 16th century, in which the inhabitants of Pollensa fought off an attack from the Moorish invaders. Enjoy all of the action up close with a holiday villa to rent in Pollensa.  If you would like to know more about this event take a look at our blog article on La Patrona on our website.


Les Festes de la Cala San Vicente are much more enjoyable with a private holiday villa

In the middle of August the “Festes de la Cala” are held in Cala San Vicente in the north of Mallorca. This area is only a 10 minute drive from the town of Pollensa and it becomes a hive of activity during these dates. The streets are full of cultural activities, water sports and religious celebrations. At Pollentia Rentals, we have an extensive range of holiday villas in Cala San Vicente so that you are never too far away from where everything is happening.


Book your holiday villa in Pollensa now

All of the fiestas which we have mentioned and more will be going on in the summer in and around Pollensa, reserve your villa with your holiday villa specialists in Mallorca and enjoy an unforgettable holiday! We are ready and waiting to answer any queries or questions that you may have, contact our holiday rental experts in Pollensa now.



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