Enjoy a private yoga session or a therapy at your holiday villa in Mallorca

At Pollentia Rentals, your holiday rental expert in Mallorca, we believe that just because you’re on holiday that doesn’t mean that you have to neglect your mind, body and soul. As part of our extra services options when you rent a villa with us in Mallorca, we can offer the possibility of private yoga sessions and therapies.


Private yoga classes in the comfort of your villa to rent in Mallorca

The teachers of Arima Yoga offer different styles of yoga to suit your specific needs, from Brahami inspired Yoga Flow to Meditation and mindful yoga for athletes. The personalised sessions are led by a trained professional from Arima Yoga and during a one hour and fifteen-minute session they will help you to reconnect your mind and body, all within the comfort of your holiday villa in Mallorca.


Reiki sessions at your holiday villa in Mallorca

Reiki is the targeting of both universal energy and higher intelligence/non-physical energy that animates all living things. This therapy can be used to alleviate issues with your physical, mental or emotional wellbeing through a holistic approach. Sessions last one hour and can be provided at your holiday villa in Mallorca or on a virtual basis.


Enjoy Chakra Balancing with your villa to rent in Mallorca

This powerful healing treatment, which can also be performed at your holiday villa in Mallorca, aims to cleanse your chakras which are believed to be an extension of your consciousness which affects your emotional and physical wellbeing. The treatment lasts one hour and thirty minutes and includes time for discussion after the session.


Experience an Ayuryoga Massage directly at your holiday villa in Mallorca

Ayuryoga massage is a type of massage that incorporates deep tissue massage with assisted stretching and breathing exercises. An ayurverdic herb oil is applied to the skin to help boost circulation and blood flow. During this type of massage, the hands and feet are used as tools for massage which lasts for one hour and a half.


Contact our holiday rental agency in Pollensa to find out more about our private yoga and therapies

If you would like to request a private yoga session or one of the therapies previously mentioned please contact our holiday rental experts in Pollensa and enjoy this extra service during your stay in one of our holiday villas in Mallorca!



Enjoy a private yoga session or a therapy at your holiday villa in Mallorca


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