Typical dishes from the island at your holiday villa in Mallorca

Mallorca is an island full of riches which not only reside in the beauty of its crystal-clear waters and incomparable landscapes of the Serra de Tramuntana but also in a key factor which makes this idyllic island stand out from the rest of the Mediterranean: its food. More than anything we want you to enjoy your stay at your holiday villa in Mallorca, which is why in this blog article we would like to present typical Mallorcan dishes to make in your villa or have them prepared directly by Chefcasa. Are you interested? Keep reading to find out more!


Trampó and Coca de Trampó in your holiday villa in Mallorca

Trampó is a typical Mallorcan dish which comes in two versions. It is a salad made with tomato, Mallorcan green peppers and onion, in which the ingredients are cut into small pieces and seasoned with oil and salt. And it’s as simple as that. A healthy dish filled with flavour which will leave you wanting more. This combination of vegetables is also used in the Coca de Trampó, where it is served as a topping on a thick dough made from flour, water, oil and salt. A delicacy which you will find in any of the bakeries across the island.


Tumbet, a feast of vegetables

One of the best known dishes in Mallorcan cuisine which uses seasonal vegetables is Tumbet. This dish is prepared by frying aubergines, potatoes, red peppers and tomatoes and it is usually served to accompany meat, egg and fish dishes. If you are a fan of veggies, this is a delicacy which you can’t afford to miss!


Ensaimada, the most famous sweet pastry on the island

Who hasn’t heard of this sweet pastry? Ensaïmada is the choice of sweet pastry for all those who want to give a little piece of the island’s gastronomy as a gift. This delicious pastry is made with special flour, water, sugar, eggs, sourdough and pork fat (which in Catalan is called saïm and is from where it gets its name). If there is a delicacy which you definitely can’t miss, it’s this one. It can be eaten plain or filled with cream, chocolate or other combinations.


“Frito Mallorquín”, a delicacy from the sea and the mountains

Frito Mallorquín is a dish made from lean pork, lamb or liver with potatoes, red peppers, spring onions, peas and fennel. It is a dish which can be made with a spicy kick or with a seafood twist, which combines fish and other types of seafood. It is a very popular and traditional delicacy which can be found in any Mallorcan home and also in your holiday villa in Mallorca.


Pa amb oli, the perfect dinner option at your holiday villa in Mallorca

Pa amb oli is perhaps one of the most common dinner options in the homes of Mallorca. It is a combination of cured meats with rustic bread or “pa moreno”, the typical bread of the island. It is cut into slices, rubbed with fresh tomato and seasoned with oil and salt. The bread acts as a base for all different kinds of cold meat and cheese, which you eat with your fingers and which fills the stomachs of all the locals. It is a great option to prepare at your holiday villa in Mallorca.


Panades, a classic Easter treat in Mallorca

Panades are typical pasty style creations made for Easter Week in Mallorca which are prepared using unleavened yeast and square shaped- As a filling you will typically find lamb, pork or chicken, fish or vegetables. The classic recipe features lamb, peas and Mallorcan sobrasada. It can be found in countless bakeries and cafes on the island.


Reserve your holiday villa in Mallorca

All the dishes mentioned above can be made at your holiday villa in Mallorca, although some are harder to make than others. Trampó or pa amb oli won’t take you more than 20 minutes to make, but if you would like to try any of the other typical Mallorcan dishes, the expert chefs at Chefcasa can prepare them right in front of you. Contact us and reserve your holiday villa in Mallorca. We’re here to help you with anything you may need!


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