Renewing the license for your holiday rental property in Mallorca

Do you own a holiday rental property in Mallorca? Maintaining your license is fundamental to avoid unnecessary setbacks. Which is why our holiday rental specialists in Pollensa will be explaining in detail what are the legal terms regarding the validity and operation of a license and when to renew them. Keep reading to not miss a single detail.


The DRIAT for your holiday rental in Mallorca

The obligation or need to renew a license depends exclusively on the date which it was obtained. The license is granted following the presentation of the Responsible Declaration for the Start of Tourist Activity (known as DRIAT) and it’s that exact day when the regulations for the property are put in place. You must not forget that the official body for renewal is the AETIB (Agency for Touristic Strategies of the Balearic Islands) or also known as ATB or the Tourism Agency for the Balearics.


Four types of renewal for your holiday rental property in Mallorca

Regarding the license renewal for your holiday rental property in Mallorca, you have four options to consider:

1)      Licenses granted before 2006: Are not to be renewed.

2)      Licenses granted between 2006 and 2012: must be renewed every 6 years. The period of 6 years must be counted from the date of presentation of the DRIAT.

3)      Licenses granted after the 9th of August 2012 (date of official acceptance of the 8/2012 law) and prior to the moratorium (1st of August 2017): Are not to be renewed.

4)      Licenses granted after the 1st of August 2017: in this case its necessary to distinguish on the one hand, the licenses for single-family dwellings not subject to horizontal property laws, and on the other hand, the licenses relating to other homes, multi-family dwellings, main residences or single family residences which are subject to the horizontal property guidelines. In the first instance you do not need to renew; in the second, every 5 years.


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