Typical activities during Christmas in Spain with your holiday villa in Pollensa

Christmas is upon us! It is undoubtedly one of our favourite times of the year because of what it means: get togethers, family, joy and a lot of excitement. There’s no doubt that the second fortnight of December is special to everyone, but…have you stopped to think if Spain celebrates Christmas in the same way as the other countries in Europe and other western cultures? If you’re not a resident of Mallorca and you are curious to know what could make Christmas different in your holiday villa in Pollensa, read this blog article carefully. Pollentia Rentals, holiday rental agency in Pollensa, will be giving you all the details here.


Christmas trees and the beautiful lights which decorate our streets

If there is one element which just has to be present during Christmas in a Spanish home, it is a Christmas tree. Although in most cases we are not talking about a real tree, this iconic figure represents a small fir tree that is decorated with flashing coloured lights. In most homes, when the gifts are given, they are placed around the base of the tree and the little ones of the family run to open them under its branches. And the lights aren´t just inside the house…the streets are lit up by them! All the towns of Mallorca, including Pollensa, have beautiful Christmas decorations with all different types of lights which fill the street with hope and light. We can’t think of anything better than going for a walk around your holiday villa in Pollensa during the festive period.


The nativity: a wonderful tradition which you could do for yourself at your holiday villa in Pollensa

The Nativity is a visual representation of the biblical story of the birth of Baby Jesus. It is a Christian activity which consists of representing this event with lots of themed decorations, iconic characters and in its centre, the baby, Joseph and Mary. The stable, where according to the biblical story everything took place, is meticulously recreated with the ox and the mule and the village area tends to be decorated with a river, farmers, land workers and other endearing characters such as the “caganer”- a historic figurine of a man defecating in the field- which adds the final touch to this scene.


Turrón, marzipan and Christmas carols not far from your holiday villa in Pollensa

If anything defines Christmas in Spain it has to be its gastronomy and Christmas carols. During this time, it is typical to conclude lunches and dinners with turron and marzipan. Turron which is a favourite with everyone, comes in hard and soft types and there are many different types: almond, chocolate, honey and many more. Marzipan is also made from almonds and can be enjoyed in a variety of shapes and sizes its dough being shaped into different and intriguing figures.  These sweet treats are accompanied by the singing of Christmas songs which pass from generation to generation and normally to the rhythm of the zambombas, tambourines and other traditional instruments. Get ready to sing and eat at your holiday villa in Pollensa!


Rent your holiday villa in Pollensa and enjoy an unforgettable Christmas

Experiencing Christmas in Pollensa is an incomparable way to spend a different type of Christmas. Which is why Pollentia Rentals offers a wide range of holiday villas for winter ready to be rented with all different types of amenities which are adapted to your needs. Don’t hesitate any longer and contact our agents. We will help you with everything you may need.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the whole team at Pollentia Rentals!


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