Why does Pollentia Rentals recommend taking the initiative in your healthcare practices?

Pollentia Rentals is a holiday rental management company based in Pollensa. We have a wide portfolio of properties and services that meet the needs of both property owners and tourists. Our commitment to our clients always goes one step further in terms of providing personalized attention. Thus, we understand that it is our responsibility to offer all available resources and information to our property owners, in order for them to provide their guests with a safe space in which to enjoy their holidays in the best possible way.

These are uncertain times, which is why we are currently working on a definitive guide for all our property owners. It will be published when the global (and local) situation is defined, and general recommendations can be made. These will be presented as a checklist of measures to be taken, aimed at making the work of all property owners easier. Meanwhile, we are advancing practices that will help prepare property owners and tourists for the emergence of a new normality, and create a safe environment for both.


On the importance of routine cleaning by our holiday rental experts in Mallorca

Thorough cleaning has always been a priority on all Pollentia Rentals' properties. But now it becomes even more necessary to emphasize that correct cleaning and disinfection routines are key elements in the fight against the spread of COVID-19. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), transmission of the virus can occur by simple contact with a contaminated object, such as a railing or a doorknob, since the virus can remain alive for hours on these surfaces. To avoid problems of this kind, it is essential to raise awareness of the need to spotlessly clean and disinfect all high-touch elements and areas of the property.


What does it mean to disinfect, and how do we do it?

In contrast to the standard housecleaning, special attention must now be paid to the disinfection of all areas, furnishings and high-touch surfaces. To disinfect means to free from infection by destroying harmful germs, including the COVID-19 virus, by using specific disinfectant products or chemicals. The ultimate goal must be to eliminate the risk of virus transmission between staff and guests, through the furnishings and high-touch surfaces of the house.

General recommendations for routine cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, and preventive actions to protect both employees and guests:

- Wear protective equipment while cleaning.

- Before the cleaning activities, to promote proper air circulation, increase the amount of outdoor air entering the common areas and rooms.

- Wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds (or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer) before and after the cleaning activities.

- Use approved disinfection products and dispose of used rags (or wash them at the maximum recommended temperature) before the entry of new customers.

- Avoid touching your face while performing the cleaning activities.- Pay special attention to upholstered chairs and sofas, rugs and drapes.

- Wash bedding at the maximum recommended temperature.

- Disinfect laundry baskets, buckets and trash bins.

- Don’t forget to disinfect cleaning devices, such as: dishwashers, washers, dryers, vacuum cleaners.

- Restock the trash bins with new garbage bags.

- Make use of disposable cleaning items, and wash at maximum temperature those that are to be reused. 

Such practices are complementary to the use of common sense between business owners and their guests. Both parties share responsibility for limiting exposure, respecting safety distances and minimizing unnecessary contact. Only thus, personal safety and the highest quality of service can be guaranteed


Contact our experts in holiday rentals in Mallorca

Our vast experience in the sector, and our commitment to maximize holiday rentals, make it a personal challenge to develop actions that ensure the safety and welfare of our customers. For this reason, we are in constant touch with our property owners, in order to prepare and adapt ourselves with the utmost speed to the new public health panorama, globally and locally. Do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have, please do get in touch, and we will give you the best possible professional help!



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