First: traditional Balearic cold recipes, for a perfect summer in your holiday villa in Mallorca

Balearic cuisine is “rich” in many ways. It combines flavours, colours and aromas from all corners of the islands, using typical ingredients, rich in taste and nutritional properties, ideal for cooking in your villa during your holidays in Mallorca. In a previous blog, we talked about the typical dishes of the islands, for you to prepare in your holiday home in Mallorca. Now we will reveal some of the secrets of the archipelago's summer cuisine.

The favourable climatic conditions, together with the composition of the soil, "sa terra" as they say in Mallorcan, mean that the islands produce food with a unique Mediterranean flavour, which is highly appreciated and also easily recognisable. None of these recipes are complicated, which makes them ideal for a light dinner or as an appetiser, especially when paired with a good wine.

Chilled “bread and sobrasada soup" for example, is a tasty starter with which we can delight our guests, being this dish also ideal to recover energy after a day at the beach. This recipe can also be used as an appetiser, served in glasses with a simple decoration of fresh chives or mint leaves. British celebrity chef Marc Fosh, whose restaurant has been awarded one Michelin star, has spent years researching the rich variety of the Balearic Islands' cuisine. He suggests that we “fight” against hot days with a different recipe, one that uses dried fruits.

We refer of course to his famous chilled soup of tender almonds and virgin olive oil, with marinated sardines and cherries. It is not at all surprising that he has chosen this important and well-known ingredient of the local gastronomy, used in so many recipes, for example in the delicious "gató" (an almond sponge cake) that is usually served with an ice cream made with the same ingredient.


Directly from the sea onto your plate: fresh fish, and local fusion cuisine

A holiday in Mallorca is the perfect excuse to start learning and practicing new recipes, many of which will take no more than 20 minutes to prepare. Illes Balears Qualitat, an official local website focusing on quality agri-food products, where many wineries and products labelled as PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) can be found, proposes the following recipe: medallions of Atlantic lobster with Pak Choi leaves, Hierbas de Mallorca (a Majorcan herbal liqueur made from anise and other aromatic plants) and saffron broth, and Enoki mushrooms. A somewhat more challenging recipe, but one that can be the perfect finale to a special event. Its uniqueness lies in the combination of local products with ingredients and flavours of Asia's cuisine, so fashionable in recent years:   Hierbas de Mallorca and saffron fuse, coat the bottom of the dish, and leave a signature aftertaste on the palate.


Cooking with fresh market products: colours, herbs and other essential ingredients for the sweet tooth

Let's start with the Ibizan "Flaó": those who appreciate simplicity at the table might want to try this recipe straight away. Flaó is one of the most emblematic sweets of the “white island”. It is a cheesecake laced with spearmint that can turn any afternoon into a very special one. This sweet is actually more of a pie, with a baked crust and a filling made of four eggs beaten with sugar, adding Burgos cheese and spearmint. What a treat, and how easy to make! In recent years many new professional chefs have emerged whose gastronomic proposals also appeal to amateur cooks at home. If you are one of them, and you like Mallorcan cuisine, you will feel completely at home in the many traditional markets and stalls on the island.

Here you can find all kinds of spices and typical ingredients such as "fonoll marí" (sea fennel), used in many dishes by the local population. Outside Spain it is considered a gourmet product, and is becoming more popular. But on the island you can enjoy it simply with Mallorcan bread, a good virgin olive oil and Ramallet tomatoes (strung up tomatoes). A genuine delicacy!


 Book your holiday villa in Mallorca now, and enjoy a fabulous gastronomic experience

Create your own diary of local recipes, to be enjoyed year after year in your holiday villa in Mallorca. For example a delicious "trampó" (a refreshing salad made with local vegetables), or freshly baked Mallorcan bread generously spread with "aioli" (garlic mayonnaise). If you are not yet up to preparing the typical dishes of the Balearic Islands yourself, know that at "Chefacasa" (chef a thome) you can hire the services of a private chef, who will create, cook and serve a menu based on seasonal local products right at your rented property. Book your holiday villa in Mallorca now, and live the life of a local. We are your guide on your visit to Mallorca!



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