What extra services Pollentia Rentals offers me with my holiday rental in Mallorca?

Knowing that one can benefit from additional services to those already contracted is always a pleasant surprise. That is why we have gone through great lengths to offer you a package of additional services that will turn your holiday into an unforgettable event. Thanks to our years of experience in holiday rentals, we have been able to detect which extra services add value to our clients' stay in Mallorca. This has led us to create synergies with other companies, from different sectors yet equally interested in offering high quality services to those who visit the island. Below, we share a summary of the most interesting advantages you could obtain during your holiday with us. Don't miss out on any details, and have a fantastic stay in our holiday villas and appartments!


What extra mobility services Pollentia Rentals offers me with my holiday rental in Mallorca?

To begin with, let's mention the possibility of renting a car: certainly there is no better and easier way to get to know the island than by car. Being able to move easily from one place of tourist interest to another is very important when visiting our destination. For this reason, we offer you a large selection of cars through our partner. With them you will be able to access medium to high-end vehicles, and thus choose the one that best suits the requirements of your route plan. Rent a car on our website and receive preferential rates. The rented car will be available to you locally or from the airport, to facilitate the transfer to and from your holiday home.

If, furthermore, during your stay you like to keep fit, or you are just passionate about cycling, we offer you the possibility of renting different sorts of bikes. We have an extensive catalogue, from simple bikes for the whole family to those that incorporate the latest technology for the most sporty: touring bikes, city bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes and even trailer bikes (aka tagalongs), ideal for pulling a small child (4 to 9 years old) who has not yet mastered the art of riding, behind your bike. If you travel with your baby, you can't miss the jogging-and-tagalong buggy! This dual-purpose buggy is ideal for spending holidays with children and sharing moments with the family, while maintaining your daily exercise routine, no matter where you are.


What other extra services can I get for my family, during my holiday rental?

Travelling together as a family, or with friends, often involves matching the tastes and needs of different individuals, at different ages. That is why we would like to suggest some leisure activities that can be adapted to your own likes. For example you could book a sports or fitness session with a local personal trainer. He will give you a training programme based on your objectives: gain flexibility, lose weight, tone and tighten your body, increase muscle mass or recover from and prevent injuries. Another option would be to follow yoga classes, to achieve postural correction, muscle stretching, or simply physical and mental well-being. Or guided exercises to strengthen the core and improve muscle tone, as well as to achieve relaxation via the adoption of diverse body postures. All this without having to leave the comfort of your rented villa in Mallorca. To make this possible, our recommended trainers come to your home to give their classes, to you and your guests. However, you can always also join local training groups and even attend yoga classes in Pollensa.


Book your holiday villa in Mallorca and discover the local gastronomy

Whatever your reasons for visiting Mallorca, have a great time and we'll do the rest! So that you can forget about preparing meals during your holiday, we also have a private chef and catering service. An excellent way to come into contact with Balearic cooking, or simply to celebrate a special occasion, spending your time with your loved ones while others do the work in the kitchen. Barbecue nights, paella, tapas, gourmet dinners and home cooking: all this we can organise for you, with no need for you to leave your holiday accommodation! Thanks to the advantages we offer you during your stay, you will be able to enjoy the island comfortably, starting with the very comfort of your holiday villa in Mallorca. Our extra services will allow you to tour the whole island, and making the most of your time with your family or friends. Book your rental property now! Come and visit Mallorca and live like the locals thanks to using our extra services!





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