Home office: the peculiarities of working from home, or from your holiday rental in Mallorca

The widespread use of new electronic devices, the increasing speed of online communications and, in general, the dizzying pace of life we lead, have radically changed the way we relate to each other, how we do business and how we develop our professional careers.

From a sociological point of view, these changes have a direct impact on the structure and development of companies and businesses. Some companies are years ahead in adapting to the new reality, while others, which have not yet done so, are trying to catch up at full speed, especially now that the coronavirus pandemic is preventing so many employees from actually going to their workplace.

In recent months the Spanish government has begun to promote our country as a telework destination. For this reason, Pollentia Rentals wants to give you more details, and tell you about the advantages that setting up a home office in Mallorca can bring to you.


Some tips to make the most of your time working from home 

Telework is here to stay, which is why even government bodies have adapted in record time to this forced digitalisation. This also means that those who do not adjust to the new times will be left behind, and will inevitably give way to their competitors.

The main advantage of this work system lies in the flexibility and comfort in carrying out daily job tasks. Those involved in telecommuting know that it is essential to manage time and tasks efficiently, and also that this is the best way to earn both in terms of quality of life and income when working from home. For this to happen, it is essential to have a pleasant and well-conditioned workspace, with the right furniture and all the smart tools needed to be fully "connected". In short: a home office that makes you not want to go back to bed, where you feel good and where you can easily concentrate on the tasks at hand.

We also recommend that you set up your home office in a suitable space, i.e. with plenty of natural light, where the air is properly renewed and the temperature is adequate. According to various ergonomic studies, the material and shape of our work furniture has a direct influence on performance. A table with rounded edges, a chair with a flexible back and leg support are some of the features to consider.

In short, whether during a brief or longer stay on Mallorca, what matters is that your home office is suitable for the tasks you have to perform on a daily basis.


What are the advantages of telecommuting from Mallorca?

Our island offers incredible landscapes, with dreamy beaches, capable of attracting anyone who wants to live a memorable experience. To this we must add a blessed climate, with warm summers, and an average temperature that allows us to practice various outdoor activities in the midst of nature.

Staying at your holiday rental in Mallorca, you can:

-  Do physical exercise, even from home.

-  Resume forgotten personal projects

-  Enjoy family time, reconcile your personal and professional life, and give extra attention to your pets!

-  Continue learning, do online courses, read, or go for a walk in the most beautiful coves.

-  Discover the Balearic culture.

-  Taste the most delicious dishes of Mallorcan cuisine.  

For all this, at Pollentia Rentals we have homes, villas and flats equipped and adapted for your comfort. In our rental properties you will feel at home, doing what you want, in the tranquility of a unique environment.


Book your rental property now, and work in comfort from your holiday home in Mallorca

Every day more and more people decide to work from home. If this is your case, if indeed you are a digital nomad, don't miss this opportunity, and get ready to work from paradise! No matter what business you’re in, we have the right workspace waiting for you at Pollentia Rentals. Moreover, thanks to our range of additional services, during your stay you can discover the island, and do the activities you are passionate about. Book your rental property now, and make Mallorca your next telework destination!




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