Trends in holiday rentals, in Mallorca in the Covid-19 era

The pandemic has altered our perception of the world in many ways, but the most significant change has happened to our way of life. The demand for long-term rentals is increasingly evolving towards finding properties that are best suited to the new working conditions, and the changed lifestyle imposed on us by the spread of the virus.The long months of confinement, during which everyone had to adapt to the new normality, have led to a real "revolution" in the property market, and most importantly in relation to holiday rentals.

At Pollentia Rentals we would like to give you a complete overview of the characteristics of today's most sought-after houses. Discover the properties that allow you to enjoy a more comfortable and pleasant stay, especially in the current situation.


Larger and more comfortable rooms, adapted to the new reality

As we commented in our previous post, due to the coronavirus many employees are unable to commute to their offices, having to carry on with their work from home, and online. The pandemic has brought about a growing tendency to work from home, and this in turn has led to a new understanding of the importance of accommodating our work and living spaces. Thus, paying attention to what we need in our home in order to maintain our health and quality of life becomes a priority.

Having to spend long periods within the same walls has changed people's approach to choosing a holiday rental, especially those who did not have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors during the lockdown. Today, more than ever, a terrace or balcony is one of the most sought-after features, since, logically, more and more tenants are looking for what they longed for during the quarantine period.

The pandemic also influences architecture, for instance in the changes in the design of work and living spaces. Everything points to a new search pattern, in which, for example, being located in the centre of a city is no longer as relevant as other aspects of housing. Having plenty of natural light, and plenty of space to install comfortable furniture, is becoming increasingly important.


Selection and conditioning of the home

Thus, the search for spacious homes in suburban or rural areas, where comfortable living is provided by the environment, increases. The size of the house, the spaciousness of the rooms, as well as other advantages, such as more parking spots, may determine the choice of one property over another.

Current demands also indicate a predilection for more and larger storage areas, a broad entrance hall, a spacious kitchen and numerous large rooms, but above all, outdoor spaces. In short:

  • Numerous rooms, spacious enough to work, play sports or enjoy our leisure time.
  • Bonding spaces, where one can spend time with the family and do activities together, for example in the kitchen or in the playground.
  •  A reception area with storage capacity for accessories, bags or coats.

Telecommuting is here to stay, but while its flexibility allows us to save on travel expenses, the comfort of our home office is becoming increasingly important. The promotion of Spain as a destination for teleworking made us, as real estate agents, focus on the services and specific features that any holiday home should offer in order to adjust to the new reality. Discover our portfolio of the best holiday rentals available in Mallorca, and spend your time with us in the most enjoyable way.


Find your dream home in Mallorca with all the comfort and amenities you need

Pollentia Rentals, the leading real estate agency in Mallorca, specialises in holiday rentals and offers you personalised assistance in finding your dream property. Our staff will adapt to your needs and provide you with all the help you need to find the property you are looking for. Book your holiday rental now and let Mallorca be your next home. 





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