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For those who, like us, are passionate about real estate, knowing which are the most important blogs is essential to keep up to date with what is going on in the property sector. So not only do we generate our own online content to maintain our presence and enhance our brand, but we also consume the publications that many other professionals are sharing daily on their respective web portals. Feed readers, such as Feedly or Flipboard, are a great way to find what is of interest on the web and sort it in an orderly fashion, but there are also other options for batching your regular reading. 

Pollentia Rentals, your holiday rental real estate in Mallorca, has compiled a list of the Top 10 Real Estate Blogs, in the hope that you will find it useful in learning more about property rental and its many intricacies. So, here we go!


Spanish real estate blogs

Many real estate blogs offer the reader a wide range of useful tips, advice and news related to the sector. Would you like to get to know some of them?



The constant evolution of the housing market led in 2017 to the creation of EjePrime, an online newspaper with economic news from the real estate sector that aims to keep its readers up to date with all the changes taking place. Visitors to the website can expect to find news, articles, analysis and interviews related to the sector, as well as the latest trends.


El blog de EnAlquiler

The online site belongs to EnAlquiler, a digital real estate agency whose posts focus on the rental of habitual residences in Spain, and whose web portal was created precisely to be a meeting point between landlords and tenants. EnAlquiler has a blog that offers readers the opportunity to enter the world of interior decoration, discover some of the hidden secrets of the main Spanish cities, as well as finding inspiration to refurbish their homes.



In our list of the best real estate blogs, Cienladrillos could not be left out. It’s a website with a simple, easy-to-navigate design that offers internet users a wide range of articles on housing, mortgages and decoration, as well as practical advice for those wishing to buy, rent or sell a property.



The real estate blog Idealista/news belongs to Idealista, a web portal that makes buying, selling and renting a property in Spain, Italy and Portugal easier. This online platform includes a selection of current news from the sector, interior design tips, images of celebrity homes, as well as relevant information on finance, mortgages and IT.


El blog de House Hunting

House Hunting is a real estate company that offers specialised advisory and intermediary services to its clients, as well as support in the sale and rental of properties. They also have a blog that features everything from news about the housing market to tips on how to put a property up for rent. Besides, in this blog, you can find useful information for tenants, tips on how to save on energy bills, among other topics.



Real estate marketing deals with strategies on how to target properties for sale or rent, as well as how to attract potential buyers or tenants. Inmoblog focuses most of its articles on property marketing. However, its editor, César Villasante, also publishes articles on technology, trends in home security systems, as well as on digital transformation in the real estate sector. You will also find many interesting interviews with influencers and real estate experts.



Behind Confía-t there are real estate consultants who help buyers in the Cadiz municipalities of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Rota and Chipiona to find the home of their dreams. Internet users browsing this blog, considered one of the top real estate blogs available on the web, can read countless articles, most of which offer first-hand advice and insider tips for those interested in buying a property.



ElijoCasa Real Estate started operating in 2005 to offer its clients a property rental and sales service in and around the Andalusian city of Algeciras. They have a news section with articles on the latest developments in the real estate sector, as well as other related information, e.g. on the costs involved in buying a home, on architecture, decoration, mortgages and rental laws, and much more.


Poder inmobiliario

Poder inmobiliario is a blog that aims to help entrepreneurs in the real estate sector boost their sales by optimising resources and business management procedures. As such, the blog is packed with news and offers online advice and coaching to help people working in the sector improve their results and achieve their business objectives.


Punto Propiedad

Last but not least, we want to round off this compilation of the best real estate blogs by mentioning Punto Propiedad, a company that aims to facilitate the buying, renting and selling of homes in Colombia. This company has a blog that brings readers a wide range of tips and information on real estate, home décor and lifestyle.


Mallorca: the destination on every blogger's lips

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