Do I need a Spanish EPC certificate to rent my property?

If you're going to rent out your property, there are several things to consider to ensure that the procedure is carried out properly. More specifically, we will focus on one of the main ones: obtaining the Spanish Energy Performance Certificate.

Since 2013, according to Royal Decree 235/2013, this document is mandatory and, to avoid possible sanctions, it must be presented together with the rental contract at the time of signing.

Pollentia Rentals, your expert in holiday rentals in Pollensa, wants to help you to solve any doubt about the mandatory Energy Performance Certificate so you can rent out your property and have no worries about it.

What is the Spanish Energy Performance Certificate, aka EPC?

The Spanish Energy Performance Certificate is a document issued by an approved technician, usually an architect, quantity surveyor or building engineer, which describes the degree of efficiency of a home, building or office in terms of energy consumption, as well as its CO2 emissions.

The EPC assessor in charge of drafting the report evaluates aspects such as building orientation, insulation, heating, glazing, among many other elements that allow him to rate the energy efficiency level with a letter between A and G.

“A” would be the highest rating in this respect, meaning that a property receiving this rating is likely to consume up to 70 % less energy than a G-rated home.

How to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate in Spain?

Energy Performance Certificates are required from the moment a property is advertised for sale or rent unless it is rented for less than four months per year. In case the rental period exceeds four months, the landlord must follow these steps to obtain the EPC:

  • Arrange for an accredited EPC assessor to visit the property and collect all the data necessary to prepare the report.
  • Let the EPC assessor inspect your property! You will need to give him/her the keys to your property and show him/her around. As he/she has to access all rooms and corners of the property, you need to make sure beforehand that no obstacles are blocking the corridors and doors.
  • Register the EPC with the competent body, which may vary from one Autonomous Region to another.
  • Pay the certification fee to receive the document and the energy efficiency rating assigned to your home.

Bear in mind that the Spanish Energy Performance Certificate is legally required from the moment you rent out your home for more than four months of the year and that failure to present it can result in fines ranging from 300 to 6,000 euros, depending on how serious the infringement is.

Renting out your property through Pollentia Rentals

If you want to rent your home quickly, it is essential that, in addition to obtaining the EPC, you seek professional assistance from a leading real estate agency, such as Pollentia Rentals. We will send contracts to tenants and advertise your property both on our homepage and other online sites for greater visibility. Do you want to know more? Contact us and let us handle the rental of your property.


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